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ilā facial therapy

for all her beauty treatments kate works with ilā products. ilā is an ancient sanskrit word for mother earth, and it is a range of pure products that channel the raw remedial power of nature that work in harmony with your body to restore, regenerate and redefine your beauty.

kate wilde is the only beauty specialist utilising these transformative products on the cote d’azur.

combining natural purity and ethical integrity to extraordinary effect

why ilā’s products are different?

ilā products seek the highest levels of natural and ethical purity. They work directly with growers and farmers to support local communities and promote ancient knowledge. Each ingredient is painstakingly sourced for its physical, emotional and spiritual benefits.

damascena rose

harvested from a single source in the foothills of the himalayas. It takes the petals of 38 flowers to produce one drop of oil.

argan oil

wild grown and cold pressed from the fruits of argan trees (the tree of life) in morocco. grinding its kernels produces a fragrant oil rich in omega fatty acids and anti-oxidants, and revered for its health-giving and anti-ageing properties.

himalayan rock Salt

mined deep in the mountains, formed 250 million years ago. beneficial against negative ions and is believed to increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, which helps to alleviate depression and relieve stress.

express bliss face therapy

quick fix for tired dehydrated skin and great add-on for massage treatments. mini facial including reviving cleanse, tone and facial massage opening the energy centres of the face.

kate wilde signature face therapy

(includes hand & foot massage)

luxurious yet hard working hydrates rejuvenates revitalises. prescriptive facial based on clients individual skin requirements.

skin analysis, followed by cleanse and exfoliation and deep steam.
face and scalp massage using pressure point massage.

mask application during which client receives hand and foot massage.
finally serum or face cream to suit skin type.

ananda face therapy

nourishing * hydrating * rejuvenating*
for stressed & exhausted skin

using ilās glowing radiance collection

divine aloe vera/pomegranate cleanse, tone, blackcurrant & honey exfoliation, deep steam with extraction, green clay mask and facial massage harnessing the power of damascena rose otto and specialised marma massage techniques to restore youth, vitality and natural luminance.

clients skin is radiant after one treatment.

this facial is addictive.

renewed recovery face therapy

calming* anti-inflammatory* renewing* for hormone imbalance, city living & jetlag

using ila’s renewed recovery collection, intensely healing revolutionary rainforest extracts combined with lymphatic drainage, warm herbal poulticing. the amazonian white clay mud mask increases blood supply and boosts collagen production. acmella(natural botox) inhibits muscle contraction, powerful anti wrinkle action.

gold cellular age restore face therapy (includes back massage)

advanced anti ageing* hydrating* repairing* for mature, irritated & rosacea prone skin

powerful anti ageing facial therapy using gold, frankincense and hyaluronic extract combined with sonic wave and light therapy.

instantly increases collagen levels and reduces cell inflammation.

treatment commences with foot ritual followed by back massage, cleanse, scrub, warm poulticing, lymphatic drainage, face mask for revitalizing the skin, foot massage and finally serum application and sonic wave therapy.

client fully reprogrammed.

yes, hello, kate comes every year to our villa when we holiday in st tropez.she spends the day and i make many treatments.
the ilā products are divine, i have never discovered this before and now i love so much. the quality and scents of the products are ‘to die for darling’.

the gold face therapy is incredible, my skin has never looked as good as it does after this anti-ageing facial. the kundalini massage with hot poultices is very powerful, i feel as though i am walking on air for hours afterwards.

alicia santini

st tropez

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