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ilā massage

all massages start with foot ritual including foot scrub. facial and scalp massage are optional. massage disciplines used include: swedish, thai, sri lankan, lomi-lomi(hawaiian), pressure point, hot poulticing

Travel Costs and Surcharges. For all location work that take Kate away from her beauty space a 20% extra will be charged to all pricing, plus travel costs and any time spent waiting for client.

combining natural purity and ethical integrity to extraordinary effect

karuna kaya deep tissue massage

a therapeutic and corrective massage for anyone needing a deep release. using vital energy body oil (lemongrass, juniper berry, rose geranium, lavender) combined with deep pressure using elbows and kneading to induce a detoxifying release and remove deeply-held patterns of tension.

karuna means ‘compassion’ and ‘kaya’ means body in sanskrit and this treatment is about giving relief to the clients physical body and revitalising the mind. a great massage for all but fantastic for all sporty types and those desiring an energetic treatment.

kundalini back treatment

(incl face massage)
soothing * grounding * for exhaustion, stress & chronic fatigue
a powerfully holistic treatment, this massage has an extraordinarily restorative effect.

using Ilas vital energy oil and techniques including chakra balancing, warm herbal poulticing and deep flowing pressure this massage will re energise, balance and encourage healing for the client. incredible treatment.

back, neck and shoulders

kate wilde signature massages

three massages designed entirely based on clients individual needs. client consultation on the day of treatment will allow for prescriptive treatment design and specific ila oil choice.

1. relaxing rose geranium and ylang ylang
2. recovery basil, lavender and patchouli
3. invigorating lemongrass, vetiver and patchouli

massage disciplines used include: swedish, thai, sri lankan, lomi-lomi (hawaiian), pressure point, hot poulticing

scalp and head reviver

combining scrub, mask and acupressure, this invigorating and restorative treatment relieves tension in the head and neck whilst nourishing the hair and hair follicles with vital minerals and oils.

treatment ritual: scalp scrub, tibetan scalp massage, green clay mask, warm herbal poultices.

i have a weekly/bi weekly massage with kate. she travels to my home or place of work depending on my commitments. i would highly recommend her as a massage therapist, she is very strong and intuitive and its by far the best massage i’ve had in the south of france. her technical ability combined with the exceptional ilā oils ensure complete satisfaction every treatment.

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